Section Shorts, Dot Books, Section Dinners, and More!

There's a lot to keep track of when it comes to Band Camp, so don't forget to read the Band Camp Letter linked in the Band Camp section of this message. In addition to that, students need to be sure they are talking to their Squad Leaders and Section Leaders in order to get the information they need and there are no surprises.

Section Shorts: each section will wear a unique color shorts as part of their show attire. In some cases, each student is responsible for purchasing shorts his/herself in that specific color. In other cases Section Leaders will purchase for the group to be reimbursed by other members of the section. If you do not know what color shorts you need or who is responsible for purchasing them, please check with your Section Leader today!

Dot Books: students will be responsible for payment of their Dot Books to the Drum Majors during band camp. This is not a fundraiser. Student payments will be to cover the cost of the books. Students should pay attention for announcements about Dot Books the first week of Band Camp.

Section Dinners: one evening during the dinner break in the second week of band camp, students will typically go to the home of one of the section members for a group dinner. Each student will be asked to contribute either food or money toward the dinner. Section Leaders and Squad Leaders will be communicating about section dinners during the first week of band camp.

Note to freshman parents: Students may plan to carpool for the dinner break with Senior and Junior students offering transportation to Sophomore and Freshman students. It's possible that this is the first occasion where parents are faced with the decision of letting their child carpool with a teen driver. Now you have time to think of your answer!

If your student is not sure who their Squad Leader or Section Leader is, please contact for that information. Thank you