Marching Band Info for Rookies

July 28, 2019

The Panther Creek High School Marching Band is held as a class during the fall semester. This ensemble requires an audition and a strong commitment to practices and competitions outside of class time from mid-summer through November. Following are some tips for marching band rookies.

Band Camp

Band Camp takes place in the summer before school starts and lasts two weeks. It usually starts at the end of July, but specific dates for 2019 will be posted soon. Band Camp is tough. Many hours are spent outside in the heat of the summer, marching and playing over and over again. Some tips for getting ready:

    • Drink a LOT of water in the week, and of course during camp.  Do not wait until the first day of camp to hydrate.  Do not drink caffeinated sodas as they will dehydrate you.  It will extremely hot, and you will be outside in the morning and evenings.
    • You will need a large water jug/bottle. Regular water bottles will not work - you need the 1/2 gallon or larger size.  Be sure to write your name on it.
    • Your section will wear the same colored shorts as their "section shorts" for the year. You will wear these on the Informance night, as well as under your uniform.  The color will be determined during band camp, and you are expected to purchase that color shorts in time for the Friday night Informance.
    • You will receive a "show shirt" which you will wear for every performance.  These will be handed out the day of the Informance.
    • Wear really comfortable sneakers.  Not the kind that look cute but have no support. You will be standing/marching for hours, so you will need athletic sneakers.
    • Sunscreen and bug spray are highly recommended.
Other miscellaneous tips:
    • Always be on time.  On time means you are on the field, with your instrument, ready for practice.  This means you will need to arrive on campus 15 minutes or so before the scheduled practice time.
    • "To be early is to be on time.  To be on time is to be late.  To be late is to be left behind."
    • You will be expected to purchase gloves and Dinkles (marching shoes).  Purchasing at least 3 pairs of gloves is recommended.  The gloves are relatively inexpensive, and you will need clean ones for competitions, and one or more inevitably get lost along the way.  There will be a group order placed at band camp or soon thereafter.
    • PARENTS: The leadership expects a lot from the kids.  You will not receive all information directly. Your child is responsible for letting you know of important items. Some kids need more prodding than others to get the information from them. We (parental volunteers) try to put as much info as we can in the newsletter and on the website, so check those often.


Please consider volunteering.  It takes a LOT of people to run the band.  The parents do everything from uniform fittings/washings to creating the props, to loading the truck, pushing percussion equipment, coordinating PCI, chaperoning, and more. There are a lot of things you can also do from home if you are unable to commit to a lot of time.  And, you will make long lasting friendships with other parents!

  • Getting involved with the band will not only help the band but will also allow you to meet and get to know other band parents and students.
  • There are many volunteering opportunities.  Each practice needs some parents to help.  The competitions need chaperones, as well.  Want a real adventure?  Try being a chaperone for a long trip!
  • Don't have time to volunteer? Not a problem. There are other ways to help- donations, things that can be done from home, etc.
  • Know that you don't need to make a large commitment if you don't want.  If you can just help with donating a few items, chaperoning a single football game, an evening practice, or whatever fits into your schedule, it would be much appreciated.


Please contact Meg Clarke for more information.

Note: Parent volunteers must complete a volunteer registration at a Wake County school, anytime after July 5.