Current Fundraising Opportunities


GoPlaySave Books are back!!!

You can pick-up books and drop off checks during the following upcoming times:GoPlaySave Books are back!!!

For every $30 book you sell, $7.50 goes into your student's band account to help offset dues. Additionally, $7.50 goes into the general band fund.

Books can be picked up on the following dates/times in the carpool circle.

  • Tuesday, 8/1 from 3:45 to 4pm
  • Thursday, 8/3 at the end of the night practice
  • Friday, 8/4 at the Informance/Parents Night

This fundraiser will run through Sept 19, at which time all money and/or unsold books need to be turned in. Please note: Any funds/unsold books that are not turned in by the deadline will be charge to your student account.

Your PCBB Chairperson for this fundraising initiative is Cathy Winters. If you have questions or need to arrange another pick-up time, please email Cathy at


Concession Sales at PNC Arena

The Panther Creek Band Booster members and their friends/family (18 yrs or older) may volunteer to work concessions for events at PNC Arena, to raise funds for their student accts.

Please note that there is a required uniform, (you provide at your own cost) which consists of:

  • Black pants/trousers (no black jeans, yoga pants, capris, skirts or shorts)
  • Black (or mostly black) shoes with a rubber sole
  • Black, short-sleeve polo shirt with collar (in colder weather and for hockey events, you may wear a black thermal underneath)
  • Plain black baseball cap or visor
  • Black apron with the PCBB logo (There are a few extra that can be borrowed, but it is recommended that you purchase one from (from Teresa) if you plan to work multiple times.  Estimated cost is $10)

**All shifts require a trained leader - please only sign up for that shift once you have been trained.  All volunteers will be trained to serve as leader (don't let the title scare you - if you can count, you can lead) **

NOTE: Currently, all start times are estimates and may vary by 30 minutes or so.  Doors generally open 1 hour before game time and depending on the cart/stand we are assigned, we typically have to be there 1-1.5 hours before doors open....sometimes less.   We will be assigned based on the number of volunteers available to work;  Once we are confirmed and assigned to a shift, the location will be posted as CONFIRMED with the cart/stand name and number.****

NOTE: Our group will earn $35/person OR 10% of sales, whichever is greater; those earnings from this volunteer effort are split - 10% goes to the general band fund, while 90% goes to student accts.  There is talk of possible additional incentive earnings, but nothing has been confirmed yet.  I will let you know once I hear more*****

To sign-up for available shifts via Sign-up Genius, please CLICK HERE

Your PCBB Chairperson for this fundraising initiative is Teresa Moss. For questions/comments/concerns, please email Teresa at


Staff-1: Ushers and Ticket-takers needed at Carter-Finley (NCSU) and Dicklen-Howdy Stadiums (ECU)

Staff-1 uses non-profit groups like Panther Creek Band Boosters, to staff the positions of Ushers (assist with seat location and monitoring crowd control), and ticket-takers (using a barcode scanner to scan tickets at entrances), at NCSU and ECU home football games, as well as other special events.  Any individual 16 years or older may work these events (unless otherwise noted) to help fund your band student account.  (Even your best friend, neighbor, etc. can volunteer with you, as long as they represent our organization well)

Please note that there is a required uniform (you provide at your own cost, with the exception of a Staff-1 issued shirt) which consists of the following:

  • You will be issued a polo style shirt or jacket prior to each event. This garment must be returned at the conclusion of your shift. If you fail to return a shirt or jacket, you group will be charged the cost for replacing it.
  • All uniforms are expected to be neat, clean and presentable. Your shirt should be tucked in, with collar down and sleeves fastened. Please wear a collared shirt for known jacketed events.
  • At your own expense, the following clothes are required as part of our dress code:
    • Staff-1 issued shirt (garment must be returned at the conclusion of your shift, or your student account will be charged for replacing it)
    • Khaki tan pants
    • Plain black or brown belt
    • Mostly black comfortable shoes or sneakers
    • White T-shirt to wear under your staff shirt
    • Collared shirt for known jacketed events

Staff-1 pays $9/hr, 90% of which will go into your student band acct, while the remaining 10% will go into the general band fund.  You can expect your shift to last anywhere from 5-7 hours.  However, if you can come in at report time, but have to leave early, they will still take the help...the PCBB Chairperson will just need to let them know what time you have to leave by.

Report times for NCSU are 2.5 hours before kick-off, while report time for ECU is 3.5 hours before kick-off.  Ushers typically stay for the duration of the game, while ticket-takers are typically released shortly after 4th quarter begins.

Of course, our main focus is NCSU.  But you are welcome to sign up for events in Greenville. For some events in Greenville, specifically if they are having a hard time staffing, Staff-1 will offer a driving bonus as incentive for those in the Raleigh area to drive to Greenville.

To sign-up for available shifts via Sign-up Genius, please CLICK HERE

Your PCBB Chairperson for this fundraising initiative is Teresa Moss. For questions/comments/concerns, please email Teresa at