BAND CAMP 2017!!

Planning is underway for band camp starting Monday July 24th!   We have put together a letter that will hopefully answer your questions about what to bring, what to expect, and how to prepare for band camp.

There are several opportunities for parents to help us to have an enjoyable, productive, and safe band camp!  Please see the sign up genius link below to volunteer to provide supplies, be a chaperone, or provide lunches or dinners for our staff.
If you are planning to volunteer for band camp or at any time during the upcoming year you will need to register as a Wake County Schools Volunteer with the highest level of clearance.  Even if you have been registered in the past, you need to renew your registration every year.  You can go to any Wake County School after July 5th to register.  Please call the school to determine their office hours.
Panther Creek: 919-463-8656
Mills Park Middle: 919-466-1500
Mills Park Elementary: 919-466-1466
Alston Ridge Elementary: 919-544-2474
Highcroft Drive Elementary:  919-460-3527
Also, whenever you volunteer at Panther Creek Band events, please wear a PCHS Band Chaperone shirt or a light blue shirt if possible.
We are very grateful for any support that you can provide!  If you have any questions, please contact Jenny Cini, or Tina Inman,