16 Students made All-State bands!

Wow!! Congratulations to the All State students. We place 16 students into all state bands. This is a record number.

All State 2018

Siun Kang. 2nd
Sophia Versola. 3rd
Emily Qiu. 9th
Brian Shi 1st chair
Kimberly Liu 12th
Isabelle Lee. 18th
Rishie Strivastava 2nd
Matt Gilmore 8th

Daniel Ku. 9th
Aaron Han. 5th 
Michael Talbott 7th
Max Inman 1st 
Liam Hanson. 3rd


Matt Finely. 1st alto
Nick Barker 1st bari
Max Inman 2nd

William Kelso. 1st alternate