Student Account and Band Fundraising

2015-16 Fundraising Team Contact Sheet


Student Account & Band Funding Opportunities:

Let's use Employment Benefits

Please look into your Employee matching grant, volunteer and sponsorship programs

It's a very easy and effective way to double your donation or raise band funds for your volunteer hours.

Please take the time to investigate programs your employer may offer that would benefit our band. Programs include things such as matching donations and grants for volunteer hours. It's easier to qualify than you think. Please contact Manisha Kode for any help you need.  A few employers have great volunteer program and our band parents are helping us raise money by logging their volunteer hours.  Here is a partial list of participating companies:
  • Pfizer
  • Quintiles
  • SAS
  • Credit Suisse
  • Salesforce
  • Qualcomm
  • Lenovo
Thanks to all parents who have replied to our email communication  and taken the next step in the process.

We are in the process of creating database with rules for all employers our Band Parents are associated with. You can access this info at

We will need your help in gathering information about your employer, please take a moment and fill out this google form.

We really appreciate your help in these efforts.

Link Your Harris Teeter VIC Card to Panther Creek Band Boosters Today!

This is a free and painless way for the band to raise some money.

Last year we had 52 families linked and Harris Teeter donated $381 to the band through the program. So far this year, we've got 28 families linked. Some of you provided your VIC number on registration but many of those numbers didn't translate and they haven't been linked. You can check your receipt next time you shop or ask at Customer Service if your card is linked.

Please consider asking friends, family, neighbors, co-workers to link to our band too. This costs customers nothing. Harris Teeter simply donates a percentage of your purchases to the organization you've chosen.

Many groups have hundreds, some even thousands of cards linked to them and they reap the rewards.

There are three easy ways to link your card:
1. Go to Harris Teeter Customer Service desk and ask them to link your VIC card to the Panther Creek Band Boosters(#7531)
2. Go to Harris Teeter's web site and follow the green "RE-LINK" button in the middle of the screen.

3. Send your 11 digit VIC number and last name associated with the account to and we'll get it entered for you.

We'd love to grow our VIC card program. With close to 200 kids in the band, we could easily double or possibly triple what Harris Teeter donates to us each year. Please link your card today!

Also, if you're interested in helping with this effort, please email Brigid Lowman at There are some ways we can grow the program but it will take some (wo)man power.





Purchase gift cards to your favorite merchants and earn a percentage back for deposit into your student's account. There are three ways to use the SCRIP program to fundraise toward your band dues:

  • Order gift cards! Some merchants do not provide an e-giftcard option. We will announce the next bulk order date soon.
  • ScripNow allows you to download printable e-giftcards available in 30 minutes or less.
  • My Scrip Wallet is a way for you to use Scrip on the go -- just purchase an e-giftcard through My Scrip Wallet and use the barcode on your smartphone to pay for your purchase.

These various gift cards are available through the Scrip program for all your favorite merchants (retailers, restaurants, hotels, etc.) and are a great way to fundraise for your Student Account.  100% of all Scrips proceeds go to your Student Account.  See the Fundraising tab on the Band website for details.  This program is available year-round. If there is enough interest, we will schedule an information session during one of the August marching band rehearsals, so every family can learn how to make the most of this great fundraising option.


Please contact Karyn Davis at for our account access code or if you need help or have any questions.